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acacedao.dll536kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Data Access Object Library
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 12.0 assemblies.
accbdc.dll133kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Office Access Business Data Catalog Interop
accdds.dll881kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Access Visual Database Tools Diagram Surface
accddsf.dll396kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Access Visual Database Tools DDS Forms
accddslm.dll362kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Access Visual Database Tools Layout Manager
accessde.dll162kb.14.0.4730.1010Access Developer Extensions Addin
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 11.0 assemblies.
accolk.dll91kb.14.0.4734.1000Access Outlook Data Collection Addin
accvdt.dll2775kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Access Visual Database Tools
accwiz.dll160kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Access Wizard Controls
acecore.dll2142kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine DLL
acedao.dll536kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Data Access Object Library
aceerr.dll37kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Error DLL
acees.dll669kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Expression Service
aceexch.dll327kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Exchange ISAM
aceexcl.dll629kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Excel ISAM
aceodbc.dll272kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine ODBC International DLL
aceoddbs.dll14kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine DBase IISAM ODBC setup DLL
aceodexl.dll14kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Excel IISAM ODBC setup DLL
aceodtxt.dll14kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Text IISAM ODBC setup DLL
aceoledb.dll375kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine OLE DB Provider
acer3x.dll322kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine v3 Red ISAM
acerclr.dll43kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Briefcase Reconciler Library
acerep.dll515kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Replication DLL
acetxt.dll215kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Text ISAM
acewdat.dll2978kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine Sort Tables DLL
acewss.dll241kb.14.00.4730.1010Microsoft Access database engine SharePoint ISAM
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