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recall.dll39kb.14.0.4734.1000Outlook Message Recall
reverse.dll20kb.14.0.4730.1010Reverse Video Detection for Asian OCR
rm.dll76kb.14.0.4734.1000Outlook Import/Export
rtfhtml.dll405kb.14.0.4734.1000Outlook RTF/HTML Converter
scnpst32.dll322kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Outlook Data File Recovery for ANSI Stores
scnpst64.dll332kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Outlook Data File Recovery for UNICODE Stores
sharepointprovider.dll199kb.14.0.4734.1000SharePoint Social Provider
soa.dll512kb.14.0.4734.1000MSAPP Export Support for Microsoft Access
socialconnector.dll1666kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Outlook Social Connector
twlay32.dll58kb.14.0.4730.1010Layout Analysis for Asian OCR
twrece.dll52kb.14.0.4730.1010English Recognition for Asian OCR
umoutlookaddin.dll1016kb.14.0.4730.1010Exchange Outlook Addin
vbame.dll40kb.2.2.5VBA : Middle East Support
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 12.0 assemblies.
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 11.0 assemblies.
wrd12cvr.dll396kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Word
ximage3b.dll770kb.14.0.4730.1010Image Processing Module for the ScanSoft SDK
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