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msrating.dll152kb.5.50.4522.1800Internet Ratings and Local User Management DLL
mssetup.dll277kb. DLL
ACME Setup for Visual Studio'98
mssetup.dll259kb.3.01Setup DLL
Windows Setup Toolkit (Throttle)
mst120.dll240kb.4.4.3388MST120 Library
mst123.dll38kb.4.4.3388MST123 Library
mstime.dll421kb.5.50.4522.1800Microsoft (R) Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions to HTML
msvcirt.dll73kb.4.20.6164Microsoft (R) C++ Runtime Library
msvcrt.dll260kb.6.00.8397.0Microsoft (R) C Runtime Library
msxactps.dll8kb.2.10.3711.0Microsoft transaction proxies/stubs
msxml.dll506kb.8.00.5226.0XML OM for Win32
mtxdm.dll29kb.1997.11.532.0INTEL X86
nac.dll196kb.4.4.3388Microsoft Internet Audio NAC DLL
nmasnt.dll8kb.4.4.3388Application Sharing WinNT DLL
nmchat.dll63kb.4.4.3388NetMeeting Chat
nmcom.dll59kb.4.4.3388NetMeeting Core
nmevtmsg.dll4kb.4.4.3388NMEVTMSG Library
nmft.dll133kb.4.4.3388NetMeeting File Transfer Utility
nmmkcert.dll11kb.4.4.3388NMMKCERT Library
nmoldwb.dll147kb.4.4.3388NetMeeting Whiteboard (1.0 - 2.x)
nmwb.dll172kb.4.4.3388NetMeeting Whiteboard
npwmsdrm.dll8kb. Multimedia Services DRM Store Plug-In
occache.dll87kb.5.50.4522.1800Object Control Viewer
odbc32.dll198kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager
odbc32gt.dll7kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Driver Generic Thunk
odbccp32.dll85kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Installer
odbccr32.dll179kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Cursor Library
odbccu32.dll180kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Cursor Library
odbcint.dll69kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Resource DLL
odbcstf.dll27kb.3.510.3513.0ODBC Version 3.0 Custom Action Setup DLL
odbctrac.dll138kb.3.510.3711.0Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager
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